Your Car Suspension IS Important

In case you notice that your car is bouncing on bumpy roads more than it usually does, or if steering the car on slightly rough roads is becoming challenging, the suspension of your vehicle might be the cause.

This component will slowly begin to wear out, which will result in steering related issues. You wouldn’t be able to control your vehicle on rough roads. Problems like these have to be addressed right away. Get in touch with a reputable auto repair center, where expert technicians will carry out thorough inspections to determine whether or not your car suspension needs an upgrade.

Why Your Car’s Suspension Is Important

Young man polishing car in service
A malfunctioning suspension can eat your car tires, easily.

Keep in mind that your suspension is an essential component on your car as it helps stop oscillation and bounce. If its components are faulty, controlling and steering your vehicle becomes challenging. Handling your vehicle becomes much easier when you opt for a professional car service and all these parts are functioning optimally.

When the wheels are correctly aligned, you will notice that your car is much more comfortable to drive. A faulty suspension is incredibly risky and can cause your vehicle to lose control if you accidentally go over a bump. This makes it crucial to ensure that all components of your car are in perfect condition.

When Should You Check and Replace the Suspension?

Here are a few warning signs that indicate your suspension needs replacement:

  • You will notice potholes and bumps often and feel that you’re losing control of your vehicle at times.
  • The vehicle will also feel unstable and nose-dive each time you brake.
  • The steering might feel stiff while turning. You may also feel that your car is swaying every time you switch lanes or make a turn. These signs indicate that your car suspension requires immediate replacement.
  • Another indication of wear and tear are fluid leaks.
  • Wheel alignment or faulty suspension can also result in unusual tire tread wear.


Most car service employees or manufacturers, recommend replacing the suspension at 50,000 miles. However, it’s better to opt for quality service, and have your tires inspected at 40,000 miles, and annually after that. When you get in touch with us for our services, the technicians will thoroughly check these components to determine whether they need to be replaced.