Tips to Keep Your Car in Great Shape

Tips To Keep Your Car In Great Shape

Auto repairs can be hefty and expensive. That being said, keeping your car in top shape is important as it will help you keep your household budget in good shape as well.

Being a car owner, car care is expected of you. Car ownership goes beyond just putting gas in your vehicle, cranking it up and driving away. If you wish to get the best performance out of it, you have to maintain your car and follow the manufacturer’s service schedule.

Don’t let a poorly maintained car cause a drain on your budget. Check out these tips and keep your car in top running condition.

Check the repair manual

The repair manual is a valuable guide that provides specific information about the make and model of your car. This information is needed, especially when performing repairs and maintenance on your vehicle. If in doubt, just refer to the repair manual for important information and instructions.

If your car is not under any kind of warranty, the first thing you have to do is to purchase a repair manual. You can get these manuals at your nearest auto parts store. You can also find these manuals on the internet.

Clean the inside of your car

Your car’s exterior cleanliness may be the first thing people will notice. However, your car’s exterior beauty may be quickly forgotten once you step inside the car. Mind you, you’ll be spending majority of the time inside the vehicle, so make sure to clean the inside of your car too.

Spilled liquids, oil and dirt could be corrosive to your car’s interior. So, we recommend vacuuming it every time you wash your car.

Park in the shade

Though most people park their cars in the garage, parking in the shade is recommended as it minimizes interior damage caused by UV sunlight. If you are worried about getting bird droppings on your car when parked under the trees, you can use an interior collapsible car shade. This is especially beneficial during hot sunny days as it minimizes sun damage and may result to a cooler car; thus, requiring less AC usage.