Things You Should Carry in Your Toolbox

As a car owner, it is important to have your toolbox ready in case of emergency.
Even if you don’t have the expertise in car repair, having an emergency toolbox is
always a good idea. Place them in a lightweight, plastic toolbox and keep it in the
trunk of your vehicle.
Here are the tools that you should carry in your toolbox.


Screw driver
The difference between a Philips and a screwdriver is the shape of its head. Philips has a cross shaped head; while a standard screwdriver has a straight head. An offset screwdriver is also a great tool as it makes it easier to get to the screws with little clearance over the head. Plus, most offset screwdrivers come in both Philips and standard screwdrivers.

Screw holders

A screw holder is helpful as it makes the task a lot easier. Instead of holding the screw in one hand while wielding the screwdriver using the other hand, you can insert the screw in the screw holder and use it to hold it in place and tighten the screw.


Open end wrench
Wrenches are considered as the most basic tool for car repair. It is usually available in both standard and metric measurements. Most vehicles in the U.S. today have a mix of both standard and metric bolts and nuts. Foreign vehicles, on the other hand, use metric bolts and nuts.

Socket wrenches

These usually comes in sets. Prices vary depending on the quality and the number of wrenches included in the set. While most sets include 2 to 3
ratchet handles, 1 handle is enough.

Combination wrench

Combination wrenches include 1 boxed end and 1 open end. This is usually sold in sets and is available in a variety of sizes. Each wrench is designed to fit a nut of a specific size.

Torque wrench

This wrench is designed to tighten the bolts or nuts to an exact degree to avoid over-tightening and under-tightening.

Tire pressure Gauge

Tire pressure gauge
As the name implies, this tool is used in checking the tire pressure. Make it a habit to check your vehicle’s tire pressure as a safety precaution.