Superior Car Care and Repair Center for Your Vehicles in Boulder

Here at Allegiance Automotive, our primary goal is to offer premium car care and repair services that exceed our customer’s expectations at all times. To achieve our goal, we have invested a significant amount of resources in high-end equipment and highly-professional mechanics with many years of experience in the automotive industry. 

3 Reasons to Bring Your Vehicle to Allegiance Automotive 

ASE Certified

We are proud to hold an ASE Certification, which is earned through training and testing by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, a non-profit organization founded in 1972. More than 300,000 automotive professionals nationwide have earned this designation, including Allegiance Automotive in Boulder Colorado.

This ASE designation means that your car care specialists at Allegiance Automotive recognize how rapidly the mechanical operations and technology changes that support the proper running of your vehicle. Staying on top of those details is essential to appropriate care and maintenance of your family cars and trucks. As your trusted automotive professional team, we are committed to meeting that test with our ASE Certification status.

Vehicles in Boulder
Tire Wheel Automotive Measurement Spare Concept


All of our mechanics have many years working in the automotive industry and are ASE Certified, meaning they can handle whatever you bring into our Boulder Colorado shop. Just take a look around our shop the next time you stop by, and you’re bound to see all makes and models on the lift getting anything from an oil change or basic tune-up to a brake job, complete engine rebuild, or a performance package added to the machine.

Passion & Customer Service

We believe in taking care of you and your vehicle with courtesy and commitment, providing unparalleled customer services. We love cars and trucks and spend every day repairing and maintaining vehicles in Boulder, while we deliver superior customer service, providing the full spectrum of factory maintenance.