Signs Your Car Needs A Tune Up

Whether your car is a classic or brand-new one, you would have to get it tuned-up at specific intervals to ensure it performs well and that all its components are in good condition. It’s never a good idea to defer to get the tune-up done. It will only cause more wear and tear in the mechanism and result in a higher repair or tune-up cost down the track.

Signs to look for

Maintenance tips
Running maintenance routines is vital to ensure the proper functionality of your vehicle.

In most cases, your car will display signs which indicate it needs a tune-up, some of which include:

  • The Car Doesn’t Start Up Easily – If your vehicle has trouble starting, it could be due to a weak fuel pump or battery or an ignition problem, and tune-up can fix these issues.
  • Frequent Or Occasional Stalling– If your car stalls while in motion, dirty connectors or faulty spark plugs could be the culprits.
  • Rough Acceleration/Idling or Knocking Sounds- These are signs of engine inefficiencies. Faulty spark plugs can also result in rough acceleration, and a tune-up might help to solve this particular problem.
  • Low Gas Mileage- Decreased fuel efficiency is another indication that the vehicle isn’t burning fuel the way it should. Fuel injection issues or dirty spark plugs could be the cause of this problem.

Even if there are no signs of car trouble, you must follow manufacturer guidelines when it comes to tuning up your vehicle. Older vehicles that have non-electronic ignitions generally need a tune-up every 10,000-20,000 miles. Modern cars may need a tune-up only every 30,000-100,000 miles. It’s best to refer to your manufacturer’s recommendations and follow the tune-up schedule accordingly.

What Is Included In a Tune-Up?

In most cases, a car tune-up involves:

  • Preventative engine maintenance
  • Replacing spark plugs
  • Replacing filters
  • Inspecting the electrical connections and replacing wires of required
  • Replacement of any worn parts and valves
  • Adjusting ignition timing in case you have an older vehicle

It isn’t necessary to take the vehicle to the car dealer for regular tune-up services. You can Contact Us for all your vehicle maintenance and repair needs. The front desk executives will schedule appointments as per your convenience, to bring your vehicle in for a tune-up.  They will inspect the vehicle and give you a tune-up estimate for your approval before starting on any work.