Scenic Drives with Higher Speed Limits


In most parts of this great nation of ours, driving roads are controlled by lower speed limits that are meant to save the lives of motorists. But with higher-speed highways and back roads, driving enthusiasts can hit the gas and enjoy a scenic view.

As follows are five of the best “fast and furious” roads you can find all across the country, mostly in the southern and Midwest states. Most Northeastern states have strict 65-mile per hour limits; avoid getting caught in a speed trap by knowing never to pass that speed once you drive into places like Maryland, Connecticut and New York.

1. Toll road from San Antonio, Texas to Austin, Texas – Admittedly, Texas has some of the most lenient speeding laws in many parts of the state. In East Texas, and on many rural roads with long sightlines, the speed limit is 80 miles per hour. But on this 41-mile long toll road from Austin to San Antonio, drivers can legally go 85 miles per hour on this scenic route.

2. Billings, Montana to Butte, Montana on rural back roads – Ever since 2005, states have been given the right to set their own speed limits. Montana did just that for the 228-mile trip from Butte to Billings. The speed limit is now 75 miles per hour and the trip can be completed in less tan three hours; traffic is minimal and curves are easy to handle. Stunning views await the lucky drivers.

3. Interstate 80 from Eastern Nebraska to the Northern California State Line – Although this “Northern Cross Country” route can be a bear to drive in the wintertime, in the summer it is very picturesque indeed with a speed limit of 75 miles per hour.

4. 500 miles of rural back roads dotting Southwest Texas – Now, I realize that this isn’t 85 miles per hour, but technically Texas keeps its rogue speeding status by allowing drivers to move along at 80 miles per hour on the tiny rural back roads that litter the gorgeous Southwest corner of this state. Yee-haw! Do note that the speed limit goes down to 70 miles per hour after dark.

As always, drive safely and obey all speed limits and traffic laws in each state.