Reasons Why Your Car is Vibrating

If you are a car owner, you have probably dealt with a few auto problems in the past. Vibration is one of the most common and most bothersome problems that most car owner complains about. Considering the vibration and the noises it produce, it can be quite scary and alarming sometimes.

Diagnosing car trouble in its early stage is advantageous. By familiarizing yourself about the causes of vibration, you can do away from all the stress and worry. Plus, you can easily explain the symptoms and problem to the car mechanic.

Engine problems

Most of the time, a shake or a shudder emanates from the engine compartment. This is because the engine is not getting enough fuel or air that is needed to keep it running smoothly.

In order to make sure that the problem is engine-related, please take note of the following symptoms:

  • Car shudders or jerks during acceleration
  • Car runs smoothly for a while then begins to shake later on
  • Car vibrates within a specific speed range

If these symptoms occur, it’s a clear indicator that your car needs a new set of spark plugs.

Brake trouble

If those vibrations intensify when you apply the brakes, your car may have a warped brake rotor. The rotor can get bent out of shape as a result of wear and tear. Ideally, the rotor should be uniformly flat. A warped rotor usually has a lowered or raised surface. The brake pads and calipers cannot get an even grip on a deformed rotor. As a result, the car vibrates.

Wobbly wheels

In some cases, you may feel your car vibrating through the steering wheel. Most car owners may think that an alignment issue is the culprit. However, most car experts would probably disagree.

The diagnosis and cure for this particular problem involves a series of tests in order to rule out a number of issues. One of the most common solutions to wobbly wheels is replacing the wheel bearings. Though most wheel bearings are meant to last for several years, they may wear out if you subject your car to worse than typical wear and tear.