Put the Joy Back in Summer Road Trips

The biggest bummer of any summer road trip is getting stranded. With just a little bit of care and maintenance on your car, you can make sure your trip goes off without a hitch. The critical areas to check are engine fluids, radiator hoses, belts, tires and brakes. Being proactive about your car’s condition can help prevent costly—and time consuming—repairs on the road. Below is a checklist of some additional things to keep an eye on.

1. Change your oil on schedule and keep it full. — Regular oil changes will keep your engine running perfectly during summertime heat and extensive road trips.

2. Check your cooling and air conditioning systems. — We’ll test your cooling system and your AC system to make sure there are no leaks or problems.

3. Check your tires regularly. We’ll look at your tires, wheels, and alignment for safety.

4. Check the gas cap. — The gas cap is an important component of your car’s emission control system, so we will make sure the gasket is properly in place.

5. Check your lighting and visibility. — We’ll double check all your safety lights and make certain your windows are free of cracks and dings.

Getting ready for your road trip now? Be sure to schedule a thorough mechanical check-over at Fords only.