Preparing Your Car For Spring

Time flies by so fast. It seems like only yesterday when you were having your car checked and tires
changed for winter. Now, spring time is just around the corner, which means you have to pay your
mechanic another visit.

But before bringing your car for inspection, it would be best to carry out the cleanup and repair tips
listed below. This way, you’ll be able to spiff up your car’s aesthetics and drive in style this spring.


In order to know if your clutch needs to be replaced, you’ll have to start the car in top gear while the
hand brake is on. After this, slowly release the clutch. If the engine stalls, then the clutch is okay. If it
doesn’t stall, then it might be time to have your clutch replaced.

Spark plugs

Having a worn out spark plugs can reduce your fuel efficiency. So, it is best to have your spark plugs
checked before the winter and summer seasons and have them replaced if needed.

Wheels and balancing

If your steering wheel tends to shudder a lot, then this means that your tires need balancing. Ideally, the
cost of alignment is included when you have your tires changed. If your car still swerves or quivers after
balancing, then your front end have to be worked on.


In order to test your brakes, you will have to speed up in an empty parking lot or road and abruptly step
on the brake pedal. See how long it will take your car to come to a complete stop.
In order to determine if the braking time is adequate, you have to take note of the braking time of the
when the brakes are new. This way, it would be easy for you to compare the results. Also, don’t forget
to listen for any irregularities. Compared to your new brakes, you may hear a much louder sound when
your brakes are older.

This may not be an accurate test, but it is a great indicator in determining whether the brakes need to
be replaced or not.

Please be reminded that these tips are not intended to replace the expertise of a mechanic. Instead,
these tips will help you recognize the problem and act on it before it gets worse.