Maintaining Your Hybrid Vehicle

Maintaining Your Hybrid Vehicle

When it comes to routine maintenance, hybrids differ a little from regular vehicles. Other than the additional electric drive motor and the systems that control the on-board storage batteries, routine maintenance for hybrids are pretty much the same with your father’s Oldsmobile.

In order to keep your hybrids in top shape, here are a few things you should know about maintenance.

Check the warranty

A hybrid vehicle uses both a rechargeable battery and an internal combustion to power the car. That being said, you have to pay attention to the warranty, especially for the battery.
Dealers like Toyota and Honda usually offer 8 to 10 years warranty for the batteries. This is an advantage since batteries are quite expensive. In fact, they cost around $3,000. So, make sure to pay attention to your battery’s performance and check your warranty as it can drill a hole on your household budget.

Adhere to a regular maintenance schedule

The basic maintenance that is required for a hybrid’s internal combustion engine is the same as a regular car. You also need to take it in for oil changes, tune ups, tire rotation and others. However, maintenance on the electric engine is a little different. Hybrids do not require a real service for up to 80,000 miles.

Specially trained mechanics

You have probably heard about the joys of saving gas while driving a hybrid. Unfortunately, there are certain elements that would hit your wallet hard.

Hybrids can only be serviced by specially trained mechanics. As a result, most owners find it difficult to find a qualified mechanic to maintain their cars. So, when the time comes that the electrical components need to be serviced, you might be shocked for having a very expensive bill.

Cooling system

The cooling system in a hybrid is more technical than that of regular cars. Plus, it takes more effort to replace it. This means it’s going to be more costly. Fortunately, you can skip on this maintenance for about 100,000 miles. And perhaps the joy of saving money on gas might be enough to put you in good mood by the time the need for this service comes.