How to Keep Your Car Brakes in Top Condition

Car Brakes Maintenance Tips

The brakes on your car are one of the most critical things. Brakes can save your life. That is why keeping them in top condition should be a priority for any car owner. Whether you have an automobile, van, truck, bus, or any other type of vehicle, here is a list of maintenance tips to keep them working at its best.

Check the Brake Fluids

You can not afford to have a low fluid level. Make sure the fluid is suitable and that it is at the appropriate level. If you notice that it is contaminated, change the fluid as soon as you can. Leaving dirty brake fluid alone destroys your master cylinder in the brake system. It also negatively affects your wheel cylinders.

Bleed the Brake Lines

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The objective is to get all of the air out of them to get the most out of the brake fluid.

Inspect the Brake Disc and Rotors

These components are large metal discs that come in various designs.

Avoid Weight In The Car

Remove unnecessary items from your vehicle. Adding extra weight will shorten the lifetime of your brakes. That is because they will have to work harder to stop the car properly.

Following these tips will not only make them perform well but also last longer.

How to Know When You Need New Brakes?

Here are the most common signs you need to buy new brakes.

  • If you hear a high pitched squeal, that means that your brake pads are rubbing your rotors.
  • Warped rotors will cause your steering wheel to wiggle when stopping.
  • You have to push your pedal harder than normal to stop the car.

If your car is experiencing one of the above symptoms, don’t think twice. Take care of your brakes, and they will take care of you and your passengers.Take care of your brakes

If you need help with brake maintenance or need to replace your old ones, bring your precious possession to Allegiance Automotive in Boulder, Colorado. Schedule an appointment today!