Finding a Reliable Mechanic

Mechanics have gained a tarnished reputation through the years. As a car owner, we are sure that you have a story or two to share.

When it comes to car repairs, it is obvious that everyone wants the best value for their money. There are some basic steps involved in choosing an experienced and reliable mechanic. Keep these things in mind when selecting a mechanic that would handle your car troubles.

Word of mouth

word of mouth works

Talking to actual customers is still the best way of getting mechanic recommendations. Feel free to ask if they were happy with the service they received. Through these recommendations, you’ll be able to know who among your friends have been working with the same mechanic for several years now.

Start with a small job first

In order to make sure that the mechanic won’t rip you off, you can always start with a small job first. It would be best to start with a job that you are familiar with. If you know how much it will cost, the better. If they are going to screw you over on this small job, chances are they’ll screw you over even harder when the big job comes.

High turnover

Drop by the garage and check out the establishment. If you see a large number of cars in good condition, then this is a good sign. However, if you see a number of half-repaired cars in the garage for a couple of weeks, then you might want to go somewhere else.

Meet the mechanic


It is important to choose a mechanic that you can trust and who you can talk to easily. Feel free to talk to the mechanics at the shop. This way, you can gauge how they treat their potential clients. Also, take note of their age. If they are old guys, they’ll have tons of experience up their sleeves and will be able to handle your Chrysler without any problem. However, they may be confused with your BMW’s ECU.