Basic Car Care and Maintenance Tips

Owning a vehicle requires a lot of hard work. In order to ensure its reliability, it has to be well taken care
of. If you are a busy person, purchasing a used car is not a smart decision. This is because it requires
extra attention and may be more expensive to maintain the new cars.

In order to ensure that your car’s performance is at its peak and to help extend the life of your car, a
regular maintenance routine should be followed. This will also help you save money in repairs. Listed
below are a few car care and maintenance tips. Read on and make sure your car is in top shape.

Drive with care

Avoid accelerating your engine during start up as this may wear your car’s engine. It is best to accelerate
slowly as you start to drive. At red lights, make sure to shift to neutral in order to give the engine time to
rest. Drive with care and you’ll be rewarded with longer time between repairs.

Park your car in the shade

This simple tip will protect your car’s paint job and prevent interior damage caused by the UV rays. If a
shaded area is not available, using a car shade can help minimize the sun’s impact.

Change filter and engine oil regularly

Changing your engine oil regularly is an important factor in prolonging the life of your car. Oil changes
help flush out metal particles and abrasive dirt out of the engine.
Old filter, on the other hand, contains build up of oil and dirt. So, it is important to have it changed
regularly. Otherwise, the residues will mix with the clean oil.

Clean your car engine

It is important to wash your engine at least once a year. A clean engine performs better compared to a
dirty one. This is also advantageous since it would help to spot leaks and service its components. You
may also have it steam cleaned professionally if you are busy.

If you decide to do it by yourself, make sure to protect sensitive engine components like electrical parts,
distributor and air intake with plastic bags before you get started. Also, rinse it thoroughly once you’re