3 Transmission Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Although your vehicle is thoroughly inspected during your annual checkup, your car’s transmission might not necessarily be on the checklist. This makes it crucial to know when your transmission requires a tune-up.

In case you accidentally miss a few signs, you can end up with a blown transmission. This is incredibly dangerous and can quickly put yours as well as the passengers’ life in danger. Besides, it can also lead to expensive and unnecessary repairs.

Signs to Look Out For

Transmission fluid change
Your car’s transmission is a vital car component that requires maintenance.

As a bad transmissions can crop up out of the blue, you need to keep your eye out for signs of faulty transmission, these include:

  • Transmission or Check Engine Light Is On– In case the light on your dashboard turns on, you automatically know that’s something’s wrong with the car and needs to be addressed. The light indicates that something in your vehicle isn’t operating as it should. Consider carrying out a car transmission check to ensure that everything works efficiently.
  • Transmission Change Needed – There isn’t a single component in your car that’s designed to leak. In case your transmission fluid is red, or if your notice red liquid in your garage or in your parking spot, chances are that there’s something wrong with the transmission fluid, and needs to be changed immediately. A leak in your transmission can also result in grinding gears and significant damage.
  • Strange Noises and Smells– You can generally hear a humming or buzzing sound coming from automatic cars as soon as they start to develop issues. On the other hand, grinding gears can be heard from manual vehicles. You can smell when older transmission fluid begins to burn as a result of the constant friction and energy that’s generated in the engine.

This makes it crucial to set an appointment to carry out car transmission fluid changes as frequently as possible. In case you smell something burning, avoid driving your car until you get it fully serviced.

Hire Professionals for Car Transmission Checks

Keep in mind that a lousy car transmission isn’t as easy to detect as a blown tire; however, you should still avoid driving your car when you know something’s not right. You must carry out your car repair service by licensed and reputable professionals. They have the skill and expertise to determine the cause of the issue and carry out the necessary repairs with efficiency. Check out our services, and get in touch with our licensed technicians to carry out an inspection of your car.