10 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car

Proper maintenance and caring for your car could help in keeping it in top-notch condition. We have compiled a number of tips, tricks and advice to help prolong the life of your automobile:

1. During the break-in period, try to stay within the 55 mph limit or within the speed recommended by your car’s manufacturer.

2. Avoid racing your car’s engine during start-up, especially when it’s cold outside. This is the simplest way of adding years to your car’s engine.

3. Avoid driving at high speeds and accelerating too quickly as this could lead to frequent repairs.

4. Observe careful driving to extend the life of your tires. Avoid fast turns, stops and starts. And most importantly, don’t burn rubber.

5. Buy gas at a reputable gas station. Feel free to ask if the gas you’re buying is filtered at the pump and if they do change their pump filters regularly. If they don’t have pump filters, you are more vulnerable to dirty gasoline.

6. If you see a gas tanker filling up the tanks at the gas station, it is best to go to a different station. As they fill up the tank, the turbulence could stir up sediments. This could clog fuel injectors and fuel filters, which may lead to poor performance and possible repairs.

7. Lighten up your key chain. Loading up a heavy key chain into your car’s ignition could eventually lead to ignition switch failure. If your ignition key sticks as you turn on the car, this may be a warning sign that your ignition switch is about to fail.

8. Keep a pen and paper in your glove compartment and use it to record your mileage and gas fill-ups. If your gas mileage worsens, make sure to mention it to your service man as it could be an early warning sign that there is something wrong with your car.

9. Use a soft damp cloth to wipe off the dust from your dash board. Make sure to wipe lightly to prevent scratches. Too many scratches could make it difficult to read your gauges.

10.Observe your car’s roof load specification. This could be found in the manual. Don’t forget to check the weight limitation of the roof rack as well.